Free shipping over £20!

We currently ship throughout the UK only. Sorry about this - we’ll keep you updated if this changes!

Shipping (next day delivery, if ordered before 11am on Monday to Thursday - otherwise it will be shipped on the following Monday) is £4.99 for orders under £20 and free for all orders over £20. So we guess you’ll just have to get loads of tasty tempeh and make sure you try out all the different recipes we have on here... It’ll be tough, but someone has to do it hey?

All orders made Monday to Thursday by 11am will be delivered the following day. Orders placed after 11am will be shipped the following working day and so will arrive 2 days after the order is placed. Please note: deliveries cannot be made on Saturday, Sunday or Monday (to avoid delays and products being held over the weekend). We’ll email you once your order has been shipped (yes, it is totally acceptable to wait at your doorstep for it to arrive) and provide tracking details there. If you have any questions, please just drop us an email at

Yes you can! All our deliveries are fully tracked, updating you on dispatch, providing a timeframe for when the product will arrive with you as well as giving you the chance to modify some aspects of the order like if you would like it sent to a Depot or to a certain neighbour/location.

Unfortunately not. When we send out the tempeh it needs to arrive with you between 24-48 hours, depending on how it’s been packed, to remain cold and safe so we can’t offer any changes to delivery - sorry about this! We are looking into the possibility of giving you the option to choose your desired date of delivery in advance so that the products are only sent out the day before you’d like them to arrive. However, right now the best option to select a date of delivery is to order according to the cut-offs detailed above. We’ll keep you updated if this changes :)

We accept PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, ShopifyPay, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and AMEX.

As tempeh is so delicious, we understand that you could potentially get too excited and bite off (order) more than you can chew. However, as we sell perishable goods that we aim to get ready to go soon after receiving the order, it is tricky for us to change or cancel orders. Please email us at if you have any issues and we will do our best to help you, but sadly we can’t guarantee it.

In order to minimise transportation miles and possible wastage we don’t offer returns (who would want to return a box full of delicious tempeh anyway?!). However, if you’re not completely happy with the order you received, please email us at - we’ll do our best to help!

You sure can! If you fill in the box asking for delivery instructions or a gift note before you click Checkout, outlining that you’d like the package to include a gift note and what you’d like the message to be, we can write this for you on a lovely Better Nature postcard to go in with all the delicious tempeh. All we ask is that you keep the message under 300 characters so we’re able to fit the whole message onto the postcard. If it needs to be longer than that that’s alright, we will just have to print out the message on a branded piece of paper which is a little less snazzy.

Yes you can! If you have specific instructions for delivery (e.g. you want the package to be delivered to a certain neighbour or left in a safe spot) please include this in the box asking for delivery instructions or a gift note before you click Checkout. Unfortunately we cannot accept any requests for specific dates or times for delivery here, but any details around the delivery will be read and taken on board by the delivery service :)

In this box feel free to add in a gift note (no longer than 300 characters) and delivery instructions that don’t include requesting a specific date or time for delivery - rather just instructions for the delivery itself like where to leave the package if you’re not in.

We guarantee a minimum shelf life of 20 days from the date of delivery for all our products (usually longer, that’s the very minimum). The use by date can be found on the products themselves. If it’s important you know the use by date of the products before ordering, please get in touch with us at or drop us a message in the chat bot, and we’ll do our best to send this over to you. Although, let’s be honest, it’ll all be gone in no time!

Yes, but out of their packaging. Tempeh is totally safe to freeze, and our products are no different, but their packaging has not been classified freezer-safe as of yet. Please make sure you remove the products from their packaging and pop them into a freezer-safe bag or container before placing them into the freezer. To note, freezing can change the texture and flavour of tempeh slightly - in order to maintain its original qualities as much as possible we don’t recommend freezing the products for longer than 5 weeks or so :)

Yes, all of our products are certified organic by the Soil Association.

Yes, all of our products are 100% vegan!

Unfortunately due to the nature of how tempeh is produced and later pasteurised (learn more in our FAQ section), not all the plastic we use is currently recyclable, which is something we’re very upset and frustrated about and are working to resolve as soon as possible. All our trays and paper packaging are recyclable however, for our Mince and Better Bites. To learn more about our efforts around sustainability, check out the Sustainability section of our website.

For most orders we use a cardboard box with an insulated foil bag inside. The box is completely recyclable, however the foil bag is not unfortunately. It can however be re-used for insulation, or even for some funky DIY projects (we’re coming up with some ideas to share soon!), or thrown away in the normal rubbish bin. We’re sorry about this - we’ve tried so many options and for now this is the best we could find! For some larger orders, we use 100% cardboard boxes that can be fully recycled.

For all orders we use reusable and recyclable gel packs - while we usually prefer to re-use them for a nice summer picnic, you can recycle them by emptying their contents into the sink and then recycling them like a plastic bag (this varies in different councils, more info here).

Please note: Instructions for recycling are provided with each order, along with recipe suggestions and some tempeh facts. These are printed on recycled postcards, with non-toxic, compostable ink. To learn more about our efforts around sustainability, check out the Sustainability section of our website.

Yes! We’re lucky enough to have found wonderful fulfilment partners in Pack Fulfilment, who offset 110% of the carbon emissions produced in all their deliveries. Yay for plant-friendly packing!


If you have any other questions
we haven’t answered here… 

Check out our FAQs page as it may be answered over there. If not, please feel free to drop us a message at and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

And if you have any feedback for our service please do let us know - we’re always looking to improve and make the process as easy, enjoyable and delicious for our fellow tempeh enthusiasts as possible!