Our story

Love for tempeh

Our story begins with our co-founder and Head of Technology Driando and our Head of Research Elvira, who grew up in Indonesia where tempeh originates. For a long while, they took tempeh for granted: seeing it as the basic, street food everyone else perceived it to be. But soon enough, they realised they had something special here: a protein source that was all-natural, plant-based, versatile, great for the gut… (the list really does go on). If that was the case, why weren’t Indonesians celebrating it, let alone those further afield? This drove Driando and his family to set up a charity to promote tempeh in Indonesia and beyond (the wonderful ITM). But there was still a long way to go and more voices needed to share tempeh with the world…

Meanwhile, another founding member, Fabio, went on a trip to Java where he tried tempeh for the first time and fell in love. Literally head over heels. He couldn’t believe that something so natural and nutritious could be as delicious and versatile as it was - and even more surprisingly, how it could be so overlooked in Indonesia, let alone elsewhere. He knew the world needed to know about tempeh and was ready to help however he could...

Passion for plant-based

Over in the UK, one of our founding members Elin was a long-time vegetarian and vegan, passionate about promoting a plant-based diet for the health and happiness of people, animals and the planet. Soon enough, she had encouraged one of her friends and soon-to-be co-founding member Chris to adopt a veggie diet, then vegan (what can she say, she’s pretty convincing!). With both of them keen on health and fitness, they were searching for an all-natural, tasty protein source. Then they came across the magic of tempeh...

Match made in heaven

Then we all came together (ok, it wasn’t quite that easy but we’re all busy people so let’s just focus on the highlights!). With a love for tempeh, a passion for plant-based eating and a common will to make the world a healthier, happier, fairer place, Better Nature was born!

Since then, the wonderful Noora, Ursa, Lidwina, Thalis and Anand have joined our growing team, all with the mission to live life without compromising on people, the planet or animals! You can learn more about our Superbean Squad (aka our team) right here.



we don’t compromise on people

We don’t see wellbeing as a number on the scales or an Instagram aesthetic. We see it as feeling happier and healthier in ourselves, whatever that may look like. This is why we make products that taste great, meet our nutritional needs and help us live our best lives, using the protein powerhouse that is tempeh.

We want to leave people feeling happier after interacting with us - from our lovely customers and followers to the wonderful people in our supply chain. Everyone’s experience with Better Nature should be a positive, enjoyable and delicious one. We’re all about sharing that tempeh love!

We care about all people, and this means advocating for and supporting those that society often neglects. We want everyone to feel that they are represented, valued and celebrated at Better Nature - that they truly belong. This may not happen overnight, but we’re working hard to get there and won’t stop until we do.

We’re so grateful to Indonesia and its amazing people for providing us with the gift of tempeh, including our Indonesian team members and mentors. We do whatever we can to give back to this incredible country, whilst also sharing the magic of tempeh fermentation with other communities that could benefit from it.

we don’t compromise on the planet

We minimise waste in all our internal operations, from our marketing to our research, including opting for renewable and recycled materials where possible. Where minimising waste isn’t possible (for the time being), we offset it. All our products are Plastic Negative and we aim to be a 100% Plastic Neutral company by 2022.

We minimise our carbon emissions as much as we can. We do this through using tempeh, which produces 95% less carbon emissions than beef. Our new range is also A-carbon rated and Carbon Negative. We run our office on renewable energy and offset its carbon emissions, run carbon-neutral deliveries, limit travelling but offset where this isn’t possible and aim to become 100% Carbon Neutral by 2023.

We only work with responsible suppliers that uphold our environmental and ethical standards, outlined in our Business Without Compromise Policy (which all our suppliers have to sign before working with us). This relates to how they treat the planet and the people and animals living on it. If they want to be our supplier, they’ve got to get with our friends (people, the planet and animals - if that wasn’t clear!).

we don’t compromise on animals

We believe that we can only become a truly healthy and happy planet when we stop the harming of animals. This is why we don’t use animals and/or animal products in any of our business operations, from our products to our research. No animals (beyond furry office visitors) to be found here!

We want to live in a world where meat is a thing of the past. This is why we are creating plant-based proteins that are better than animal proteins, in terms of taste and nutrition. Tempeh is already a complete protein source packed with fibre and micronutrients, but we’re working on world-leading research to make it the greatest source of plant-based B12, as well as other key nutrients like Vitamin D. The steaks have never been higher!

We want nutritious, plant-based eating to be accessible and inclusive to all. We don’t want to overwhelm people with labels or judgment, but rather create a supportive, welcoming community that encourages everyone to live life #TheBetterWay, whatever that looks like to them. We also want to help break down the many barriers around eating well, so as many people can do so as possible.

To find out how we’re doing, check out our tracking page here!