Where do you get your protein from? Everyone following a plant-based or a vegan diet has been asked that question - more than once. There are various great plant-based protein sources out there so it is easy to have a high protein day sans meat. But what are these amazing vegan foods that are high in protein? Read on to find out! We also have 10 delicious, protein packed recipes for you to try.


What vegan foods are highest in protein?

There are many foods that are both vegan and high in protein. Great sources of plant-based protein include (but are not limited to):

  • Lentils,
  • Chickpeas (you can even make vegan “omelettes” from chickpea flour),
  • Black beans (and other beans),
  • Quinoa,
  • Tofu and, of course,
  • Tempeh

How many grams of protein these veggie protein sources contain, and which foods are the highest in protein? We’re not going to go through all the different options as we’d be here the whole day! But let’s take a closer look at some of the options that really deliver when it comes to protein. 

  • Tempeh: Whopping 18g of protein per 100g. Rest assured, tempeh will help you meet all your protein needs and fill you up! Tempeh is a plant-based protein that was discovered in Indonesia over 300 years ago and it’s typically made with soybeans. Tempeh has a nice firm texture, a slight nutty taste and it absorbs flavours really well. Tempeh is not only high in protein but it is also high in fibre, and it counts as one of your five a day. Plain tempeh is also naturally gluten-free.

Fresh tempeh wrapped in banana leaves. Tempeh is a plant-based protein that is typically made with soybeans and that is very high in protein and fibre.


  • Nuts and seeds: Around 15g or more per 100g. Various nuts and seeds have over 15g of protein per 100g. So, even a 30g portion will up your protein intake with at least 5g!

Now, let’s move onto some delicious recipes for high-protein vegan meals. These dishes are full of flavor and, thanks to tempeh, also high in protein.


Some of our favourite high protein vegan meals


This dreamy 100% plant-based Sambal Tumpang (Tempeh Curry) is packed with flavor, protein and fibre - an all-around winner. You're going to want to have more than just one portion! 

  • Serves: 2
  • Difficulty rating (for rookies, for home cooks, for future chefs): For home cooks
  • Occasion: Lunch, dinner
A photo of a high protein vegan meal: Tempeh Massaman Curry in a steel pan that is placed on top of a blue surface. There are some pieces of fresh red chilli around the pan.



If you like both ramen and protein-packed dishes then you’re going to love tempeh ramen. That crispy tempeh is definitely something to write home about!

  • Serves: 2
  • Difficulty rating: For home cooks
  • Occasion: Lunch, dinner
A photo of a high protein vegan meal: tempeh ramen dish in a white crockery bowl that is placed on a dark wooden surface.



The name says it all - this delicious bowl will leave you feeling nourished. This dish is also easy to play around with so you’ll never get sick of it. For example, one day your bowl might include brown rice, then quinoa and finally barley. Maybe on Monday your bowl has broccoli and sweet potato, and on Thursday it’s tomatoes, peppers and fresh herbs. It all works!

  • Serves: 2
  • Difficulty rating: For rookies
  • Occasion: Lunch, dinner
A photo of a nutritious high-protein vegan meal: Two beautifully presented Nourishing Bowls with Better Nature tempeh, basmati rice, various vegetables and a drizzle of tahini.



Who doesn’t love tacos? The addition of tempeh adds a nice bite and plenty of protein to this crowd favourite!

  • Serves: 2
  • Difficulty rating: For rookies
  • Occasion: Lunch, dinner
A photo of a quick and easy high-protein vegan meal: </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">A tray full of tacos filled with Better Nature tempeh, salsa, avocado, spring onions, coriander and vegan sour cream.



This Indonesian dish is one of our favourite ways to eat tempeh! This is our go-to dish if we’re introducing tempeh for someone for the first time.

  • Serves: 2
  • Difficulty rating: For rookies
  • Occasion: Lunch, dinner
Beautifully presented Tempe Kecap dish on a bed of rice served on a banana leaf. Tempe Kecap is a high protein vegan meal.



Delicious, nutritious and easy to make - this plant-based BLT ticks all the boxes!

  • Serves: 2
  • Difficulty rating: For rookies
  • Occasion: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch
On a wooden table, on a wooden cutting board is a vegan tempeh BLT made with Better Nature tempeh rashers that are high in protein.



Dreamy, creamy and oh so easy! This vegan carbonara hits the spot - can’t go wrong with pasta! 

  • Serves: 2
  • Difficulty rating: For rookies
  • Occasion: Lunch, dinner
A photo of an easy, creamy high-protein vegan meal: Vegan tempeh carbonara made with Better Nature tempeh rashers placed on a pretty white and blue plate. Next to the plate is a turquoise linen napkin.



If you’re bored with the average stir-fries but like how easy they are to whip together then this Thai Tempeh Stir-Fry is for you. This protein-packed dish is so delicious it will make you fall in love with stir-fries again.

  • Serves: 4
  • Difficulty rating: For rookies
  • Occasion: Lunch, dinner
On a wooden table, in a grey bowl is a vegan Thai Tempeh Stir-Fry dish with noodles and sauce made with high protein Tempeh Mince. As a garnish there are pieces of fresh chilli and basil leaves. Next to the plate is a turquoise fabric napkin.



This vegan bolognese is so satisfying, as well as easy to make, that it will become a staple in your diet. 

  • Serves: 2
  • Difficulty rating: For rookies
  • Occasion: Lunch, dinner
On a wooden table is an oval shaped, blue and white plate full of high protein Tempeh Bolognese. On the right side is a hand lifting the spaghetti with a fork. The dish is suitable for a vegan diet.



This indulgent lasagne is perfect for those autumn and winter evenings when you crave for something comforting.

  • Serves: 6
  • Difficulty rating: For home cooks
  • Occasion: Lunch, dinner 
A photo of a hearty, high-protein vegan meal: On a wooden table, a piece of tempeh lasagne on a dark grey plate that is placed on top of a turquoise cotton napkin. Behind the plate is the casserole with a piece of lasagne missing.


How do you add protein to a vegan diet?

As discussed  there’s no need to suffer from a lack of protein if you’re following a mainly plant-based or a strictly vegan diet! Plants can provide you with more than enough protein, as well as other nutrients such as fibre. Moreover, a plant-based diet can be full of amazing flavors and delicious dishes.

Here are some tips and easy ways to add protein to a vegan diet:

  • Add tempeh or tofu to your veggie packed curries and stir-fries
  • Add some tempeh rashers (or vegan “bacon”) on top of your avocado toast or pasta dish
  • Add a generous spoonful (or two) of hummus on top of your salads and nourish bowls or have it as a snack with crudites
  • Add lentils to your veggie soups
  • Add tempeh, tofu or beans to wraps with vegetables, mushrooms and some sauce for a quick but filling meal
  • Sprinkle seeds and nuts on top of salads, porridge, yoghurt and smoothies. We’re more than happy to add some walnuts and chia seeds, or drizzle some peanut butter on top of our oatmeal! (P.S. Did you know that  peanuts aren’t actually nuts but legumes!)
A photo of an avocado toast that is topped with vegan, high protein tempeh rashers.



We hope you enjoyed reading about these high-protein vegan meals. If you fancy trying out the recipes, get yourself some tasty tempeh here. Let us know on Instagram if this post helped you find a new favourite!